Create Jobs and Improve Infrastructure

High-quality infrastructure is essential to economic growth in Clermont County and Ohio. We need infrastructure that will support our growing area.  The Eastgate traffic jam steals family time and is unacceptable.  Roads will move people and goods in into Clermont County to attract new businesses and create jobs.

Fund Excellence in Education in Ohio’s Schools

Tax payers invest in the Local Government Fund to fund local governments including our schools.  Yet the money we paid into the fund  sits in Columbus or was squandered away on failed for-profit education while donor who created it has not repaid millions.  As a former educator, I will make it a priority to bring that money home for our children.  I know that value of our homes depends upon the strength of our schools.


Fight for Affordable Health Care

I believe that every American has a right to go see a doctor when they’re sick and that that means every American has a right to health insurance they can afford.  Columbus is working hard to take health care away, but I’ll stand with the hard-working people in Ohio.  As a cancer survivor,  I understand that no one should be one illness away from financial ruin.

Take Action to Stop the Opioid Crisis

We need to invest in prevention and expand access to treatment and rehabilitation. And we must crack down on the people who are fueling and profiting from this crisis. There are drug dealers on the street, in doctors’ offices, and in drug company’s boardrooms.  We must pass legislation that guarantees every one of them will face justice for their crimes.

Defend Workers Rights to Earn a Fair Wage and Support their Families

I support unions.  I believe that all workers have the right to organize and bargain collectively for better wages, benefits and working conditions.  Union members in our district can count on me to be the most effective ally they have in fighting to protect their rights, support prevailing wages and project Labor Agreements. I’ll fight to defeat the ideological extremists who want to put unions out of existence.

Rep. Becker’s Comments Show a Total Lack of Respect for Due Process

August 30, 2018

CLERMONT COUNTY — Today, Patricia Lawrence, candidate for Ohio House in the 65th district, released the following statement following Rep. John Becker’s appalling comment that police shootings often look like “justice was delivered to the dead punk”:


“Every American has a right to a fair trial and due process under the law. John Becker’s comments show not only a lack of respect for the US constitution, but a lack of respect for human life.

No human being deserves to die on the street without a chance to defend their actions. And no human being has the power to decide in a chaotic moment that an alleged crime is punishable by death.

Police shootings are sometimes necessary to save lives or prevent violence, but they are always a tragedy, and must always be a last resort. We also can’t ignore that these shootings sometimes take place under controversial circumstances. And we know that when someone dies, somewhere a family is about to have the worst day of their lives. It is inexcusable that my opponent would so casually suggest police shootings are an appropriate form of justice.

“It is clear that John Becker is not qualified to hold future office, and these comments have only fueled me fight even harder to unseat him in November.”